About Us

About Us

Welcome to VacuumStuff.co.uk; if you’re here you’re probably wondering – why a whole website dedicated to well, Vacuum Stuff?

It’s a fair question but we think when we explain you’ll understand why.

We believe that when you clear your environment, you really do clear your mind. And there’s nothing else that makes a difference to the cleanliness of your environment like your floors.

Over the years we’ve spent a considerable amount of time and money going through a range of different vacuum cleaners and mops as well as dust pans to get our environment looking as clean as possible.

As we’ve done so, we’ve encountered some great vacuum cleaners and other products. But we’ve also spent a lot of money on stuff that’s been pretty poor.

So we thought, why not put some of this experience to good use and share it with others? And that’s how vacuum stuff was born.

We hope you find our content useful.

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