Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

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Excellence Delivered at a Low Budget
Maximum Suction:2200Pa
Height:2.7″ Inches
Battery Life:Up to 100minutes
Charging Time:5 – 6 Hours
Dust Bin Capacity:0.6L
Auto-Docking For Charging:Yes
Scheduled Cleans:Yes
Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant Capability:Yes
Self-Emptying Dustbin:No
Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: Key Features

The Bagotte BG800 robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent option if you’re after a model packed full of helpful features offering great performance at a low-budget price.

In this Bagotte BG800 robot vacuum cleaner review we’ll be taking a look at the key features of the model as well as delving into what existing users think of the BG800.

The BG800 is one of the latest offerings from a brand with an already solid reputation amongst users.

+ Excellent cleaning performance with many users commenting on how well it performs– 1x side brush with some users noting 2x sets would be better
+ Great value for money with features more typically found in more expensive models
+ Mapping capability
+ Slim 2.7″ height
Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review: Pros and Cons

Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Lets now delve into a deep look at the Bagotte BG800 robot vacuum cleaner review.

Suction Power and Cleaning Modes

The Bagotte BG800 is indeed packed with features but first and foremost it offers a formidable 2200Pa of suction power to help keep your floors clean. To access the full range of suction it comes with 3 different power levels (i) standard which is the default setting, (ii) strong, and (iii) maximum. To get the most of the power the BG800 is equipped with a feature which means it can automatically increase its suction power when it deems it necessary on carpets.

The BG800 comes with 3 cleaning modes:

  • Auto Cleaning:
    • In this setting, the BG800 will start off by mapping the floor before setting off its clean.
    • The BG800 will then proceed to clean in an up and down motion across the whole room until it has completed it. During the cycle, it will also occasionally head to the edges of the room and furniture to clean those areas.
    • Upon completion, it will return to its base.
  • Spot Cleaning
    • This is a feature that is useful for localised spills and messes. With this cleaning mode, the robot will rotate in ever-larger circles around one spot by up to 1 meter outward and then come back inward to the middle.
    • In this mode, the robot will also boost its suction power to get the job completed.
  • Edge Cleaning
    • Once the BG800 completes a regular clean, it will use its Edge Cleaning mode to ensure the spaces alongside your walls are clear.
    • This mode is also available on its own if you feel the need for it.


Perhaps rarely at this price point, the Bagotte BG800 is enabled with a mapping function that will draw out a layout of your floors. This then in turn means that unlike robot vacuums that do not have a mapping feature, it cleans the floors in a much more methodical manner.

When compared to many other models in this price point the BG800 offers great value as the mapping feature means it can track which areas have already been cleaned. This differs from what is typically seen with lower-priced models which will move in a certain direction until they encounter an object like furniture or the wall before turning around again in a different direction.

Quite helpfully you can then see what area has already been cleaned using the smartphone app.

Surface Suitability

As with many robot vacuums, the Bagotte BG800 is designed for hard floors (e.g. tiles, laminate floors etc) as well as low and medium pile carpets.

Battery Performance

Equipped with a lithium ion battery, the Bagotte BG800 can last up to 100 minutes on a single charge which compares relatively well to other similar models on the market.

It can usually take between 5 to 6 hours to fully charge the unit.

Quite helpfully once the robot has finished a cleaning cycle, it will automatically return to its base for recharging and docking.

If needed, you can also return it to its base for charging when necessary.

WiFi Connectivity

To make full use of its range of features, the Bagotte BG800 is equipped with WiFi capability.

Dust Bin Capacity

The Bagotte BG800 comes with a 0.6 litre dust bin capacity. This compares relatively well to other similar models in the market. Typically robot vacuums can have dust bin capacities of around 0.4 to 0.7 litres.

In any case, as with most robot vacuums, it is recommended that the dust bin is emptied after every clean.

Boundary Settings

To make sure that the BG800 does not stray to areas on your floor you do not want it to, it comes with boundary strips. This is specially made tape that you stick down to your floors that the robot will recognise as a border not to be crossed.

This can prove to be useful for areas on the floor with sensitive items you do not want disturbed e.g. power cables.

Though note the boundary strips are not recommended for use on carpets.

Scheduled Cleaning

One of the best things about robot vacuums is the ability to set them to clean automatically to a set schedule. This feature is not available on all models but it is on the Bagotte BG800 which will allow you to set a scheduled clean.

This can be quite useful if you want it to regular clean at the same time whilst you do other things without having to remember to get it started each time.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Capability

In addition to controlling the impressive Bagotte BG800 via your smartphone, remote control and manually from the robot, it can also be activated using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant enabled devices.

This is clearly not essential but represents a nice bonus feature to an already well stocked robot vacuum.


The Bagotte BG800 comes in at 2.7″ in height which is relatively slim compared with other similar models available in the market. Keep this in mind if you’ll want your robot vacuum to get under furniture and other areas as you’ll need to ensure it will have enough clearance.


In terms of design, the Bagotte BG800 offers a sleek looking black exterior finished with a surface made of glass which is designed to be harder to scratch.

The main unit itself is kept quite simple yet attractive with a wi-fi status button as well as the “spot cleaning” button at one end and the main power button which also functions as the stop/start button as well for cleaning.

The BG800 is equipped with a number of sensors including anti-drop sensors which will help keep the robot from falling down the stairs.

The cleaning system is comprised of the main roller brush, a 3-pronged side brush, and the main suction.

Quite pleasingly for first impressions, the BG800 comes neatly packed to a high standard.


When it comes to maintaining the BG800 the main task will be to empty out its bin ideally after each clean. This will help to maintain the suction power of the unit so it’s worth keeping to the recommended interval.

In addition, it is also recommended to clean the filters and rolling brush at least once a week.

Quite helpfully the BG800 also comes with a handy cleaning tool to help maintain the unit.

You will need to replace the filters which help with trapping dust and side brushes regularly. It is recommended the filters are replaced every two months whilst the brushes can be replaced up to every 6 months or whenever they are visibly worn. Out of the box the BG800 is typically supplied with spare brushes and a spare filter.

User Reviews

In terms of user reviews, the Bagotte BG800 appears to have a significant fanbase of users who are genuinely impressed with its offering. What seems to stand out from user reviews is the cleaning performance as well as the value for money it offers. Many note how well the mapping function works in addition to the suction power.

Another standout feature mentioned by happy users is the fact that they deem it to be a quiet robot vacuum. Some state they are quite happy to have the robot cleaning whilst they are sleeping.

Several reviews mention that they had previous Bagotte models (BG600 and BG700) which had impressed them enough but the BG800 has surpassed its predecessors. Indeed the BG600 in particular has a very strong set of user reviews.


In terms of noted drawbacks, one of the main things that stands out is users mentioning they would have preferred two sets of side brushes rather than one. The BG800 comes with one three-pronged side brush and some users have stated that their other or previous robot vacuums from other brands have two side brushes.

Conclusion: Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Overall the Bagotte BG800 appears to be a highly appealing robot vacuum proposition. It is rare to find a robot vacuum at this kind of price range with the type of features and cleaning performance packed into the impressive BG800. Additionally, the BG800 has clearly made a highly positive impression on its user base and continues the very strong performance of the Bagotte range of robot vacuum cleaners.