Bagotte BG800 vs Eufy 15C Max

When searching for robots you may find that two of the best options available that offer great value for money are the brilliant Bagotte BG800 and excellent the Eufy 15c Max.

But when it comes to Bagotte BG800 vs Eufy 15c Max, how do they compare? Well in this article we’re going to take a look at just that.

To check out BG800 vs Eufy 15c Max we’re going to delve into a number of factors in this comparison:

  • Suction Power
  • Cleaning Modes
  • Mapping
  • Types Of Surfaces
  • Battery Performance & Charging Time
  • WiFi Connectivity
  • Scheduling Capability
  • Home Assistant Capability
  • Height

Bagotte BG800 vs Eufy 15c Max: Comparison

Let’s now start to take a detailed look at the Bagotte BG800 vs Eufy 15c Max to see how they compare on a range of different factors.

Bagotte BG800

Eufy Robovac 15C Max

Suction Power

Let’s start with perhaps one of the most important factors for many users when considering a vacuum cleaner – suction power.

The Bagotte BG800 comes with a maximum of 2200Pa of suction power which compares favourably to the Eufy 15c Max’s 2000Pa. This represents potentially an extra 10% of maximum suction power for the Bagotte BG800 in terms of rating.

The Bagotte BG800 is equipped with 3 different suction levels which is similar to the Eufy 15c Max which also has 3 different types of suction settings.

Both models however, are generally rated very highly by users when it comes to their suction power with many users noting how they both perform very well even in their lower suction settings.

Both models have the ability to boost their suction power when necessary on carpet. Quite importantly they both can do this automatically when they deem it fit to do so.

Verdict: Bagotte BG800

Though both getting glowing reviews from users for suction power, the Bagotte BG800 shades it simply by the fact it has a higher maximum suction power rating.

Cleaning Modes

Typically robot vacuums are enabled with a few different cleaning modes to help you get the most out of them and tackle different types of clean. Most commonly and most usefully these tend to be (i) auto – where the robot vacuum will get to work in the best way it can (ii) edge – to tackle cleaning alongside walls and edges and (iii) spot/localised – to help get rid of a specific area of debris/mess e.g. spilt flour.

The Bagotte BG800 comes with 3 different cleaning modes (i) Auto Cleaning – which starts off by mapping the floor and then cleaning, (ii) Spot Cleaning – which will clean in a concentric pattern up to a 1 metre radius before going back to the centre and (iii) Edge Cleaning – to help tackle spaces alongside walls.

The Eufy 15C Max on the other hand has 4 different cleaning modes which cover (i) Auto cleaning (ii) Spot cleaning, (iii) Edge cleaning and (iv) Single Room cleaning.

Verdict: Tie

Though the Eufy 15C Max offers an additional type of cleaning mode, overall both models give you the core modes that you would typically find in a lot of similar robot vacuums and the ones you are likely to need most.


Mapping in robot vacuums tends to be one of those features that helps to distinguish between the high-end of the pricing spectrum in the market and the more budget-friendly options. With mapping capability, a robot vacuum is able to produce a layout of your home and then use this to navigate its way around when cleaning. It typically helps to ensure that they cover the whole area and also make sure they do not needlessly cover ground they’ve already done. This can be quite a good way to also conserve battery power especially when compared to models with no mapping features.

It can also be helpful for you to find out exactly where your robot vacuum is at a given time via an app if the functionality is there.

Quite rarely this price point the Bagotte BG800 comes with a mapping function which will layout your home. This enables it to clean in a more considered manner than is typical of those robot vacuums without this function. Indeed it is one of the features that seem to stand out for many in user reviews.

The Eufy 15C Max on the other hand does not have a mapping function and some users do note how this would certainly add to it. Some users state that based on what they’ve seen with their own model it can sometimes end up covering the same area it already has. It should be remembered though that at the sort of price point the Eufy 15C Max goes for, you would not typically expect any kind of mapping function.

Verdict: Bagotte BG800

When it comes to mapping the Bagotte BG800 edges it as the Eufy 15C Max does not have any kind of mapping capability.

Surface Suitability

Typically robot vacuums are designed to be used on hard floors like laminate, tiles etc as well as low to medium pile carpets.

The Bagotte BG800 and the Eufy 15C Max are no different as they are both geared towards handling low to medium pile carpets as well as hard floors.

Verdict: Tie

Both models are designed for use on similar types of floors so no real clear advantage of one over the other.

Battery Performance

Robot vacuum cleaners are typically powered by batteries that allow them to wander around your home. When it comes to battery power the two key factors to consider are (i) how long a battery can run on a single charge and (ii) how long it takes to fully charge a battery.

The Bagotte BG800 with its lithium ion can run for up to approximately 100 minutes on a single charge depending on the suction level it is operating at. This compares relatively well to similar models on the market. When it comes to charging time, it can take between 5 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery.

In a similar fashion to the Bagotte BG800, the Eufy 15C Max can also run up to around 100 minutes on its standard suction model. In addition the charging time for the battery is also around 5 to 6 hours.

Verdict: Tie

Both models offer similar peformance when it comes to battery runtime and recharging time.

WiFi Connectivity

WiFi connectivity in robot vacuums is a highly desirable feature as it usually allows for the user to control the robot vacuum from a smart phone app.

Both the Bagotte BG800 and Eufy 15C Max are WiFi enabled.

Verdict: Tie

Both models have WiFi connectivity.

Dust Bin Capacity

Robot vacuum dust bin capacities are usually around 0.4 to 0.7 litres. The larger the capacity the more space the robot vacuum will be able to clean before it needs to be emptied. In most instances however, it is recommended that robot vacuum dust bins are emptied out after each clean to help maintain suction. Nonetheless, the more capacity, the better.

With a 0.6 litre dust bin capacity, the Bagotte BG800 compares relatively well to many alternatives on the market though it is by no means the biggest capacity available.

When compared to the Eufy 15C Max they are tied as it also has a 0.6 litre (600ML) dust bin capacity.

Verdict: Tie

Both the Bagotte BG800 and Eufy Robovac 15C Max have a 0.6 litre dust bin capacity.

Boundary Settings

Some robot vacuums come with a feature that will allow you to set boundaries to ensure they cannot stray where you do not want them to. In the most advanced cases, this can typically done via a map on an app.

Neither the Bagotte BG800 or the Eufy Robovac 15C come with virtual boundary setting. However, the Bagotte BG800 does support the use of boundary strips. With this feature the robot vacuum can detect a boundary marker set by boundary tape/strip that comes with the robot vacuum. This can be quite useful if you want the robot vacuum to avoid certain areas like cable or other items on the floor. The boundary tape however, is only recommended for use on hard floors rather than carpets.

Verdict: Bagotte BG800

Whilst neither have a feature to set virtual boundaries on a map, the Bagotte BG800 does at least allow you to set boundaries with boundary strips.

Scheduled Cleaning

Scheduled cleaning is a feature that can really help users to get the most value out of their robot vacuum. With this feature a robot vacuum can be set to automatically clean an area at a given time based on a schedule.

The Bagotte BG800 comes with a scheduling feature which is also present in the Eufy 15C Max robot vacuum cleaner. This means both will allow you to set your robot vacuum to clean your floors at a given time, meaning you do not have to remember to set it in motion each time you want to clean. This can also be useful with getting cleaning out of the way when your home is clear or less busy.

Verdict: Tie

Both the Bagotte BG800 and Eufy Robovac 15C Max offer scheduling which is one of the main attractions for robot vacuums generally.

Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant Capability

As well as being able to control robot vacuums via remote and smartphone, there are also some that can be activated via voice control through Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant. Though not an essential feature it is nevertheless a nice plus especially if you already have these devices in your home.

Both the Bagotte BG800 and Eufy Robovac 15C have Amazon Alexa and Google Home Assistant capability helping you get the most of your robot vacuum and its convenience.

Verdict: Tie

With both models offering voice control compatability with the Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices, you’ll have a good selection when it comes to how to control your robot vacuum whichever one you choose.


For many part of the attraction of robot vacuums is their potential to get under furniture and other spaces to get rid of dust and debris without them having to bend over or get on the floor to handle it themselves.

This is why the height of a robot vacuum is often highlighted as it will of course determine what type of spaces it will fit into.

It’s not uncommon to see robot vacuum heights range between around 2.7″ to 4+” in height.

The Bagotte BG800 has a height of 2.7 inches whilst the Eufy 15C Max comes in at 2.85 inches. Though the Bagotte BG800 edges in when it comes to height, both offer relatively slim designs when compared to the range in the market.

Verdict: Bagotte BG800

When it comes to height the lesser the better for most people and the Bagotte BG800 has a lower profile than the Eufy 15C Max.


Prices can vary overtime between models however, generally speaking the Bagotte BG800 tends to cost more (circa 30%) than the Eufy 15C Max. Both models are in the lower-end of the pricing range for robot vacuums and both offer excellent lower budget options.

Given their respective prices and features, many users feel they both offer great value for money.

Verdict: Eufy 15C Max

Though both are in the lower-end of the price spectrum, the Eufy 15C Max nevertheless offers the cheaper of the two models. Of course this price difference should be considered in light of the differences in the respective features with the mapping function of the Bagotte BG800 and its higher suction power being the standout elements.

Conclusion: Bagotte BG800 vs Eufy 15c Max

Overall both the Bagotte BG800 and Eufy 15C Max robot vacuum cleaners offer excellent propositions. They’re both highly user rated robot vacuums with lots of great features coming in at relatively low budget prices.

There are many areas where the Bagotte BG800 and Eufy 15C Max offer very similar features however, the Bagotte BG800 does stand out in a few key areas including the inclusion of a mapping function as well as higher suction power.