Do I Really Need A Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners can be expensive and for some this may lead them to believe they could get away without having one. You might be one these folks asking yourself – do I really need a vacuum cleaner? We think the answer is an easy yes but rather than just saying that we’ve compiled an easy to digest list (who doesn’t like a list?!) of 10 reasons why you definitely need a vacuumn cleaner or two in your life.

Do I Really Need A Vacuum Cleaner?

Here Are 10 Reasons Why you definitely need a vacuum cleaner.

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1 – You Have Better Ways To Use Your Time

One of the main benefits of vacuum cleaners is the fact they allow you to quickly clean your floors. Whilst you can definitely get around your floors with a dust pan and brush to sweep up dirt and dust, if you’re like most people this will probably take you at least twice the amount of time if not more than it would with a powered vacuum cleaner.

The time that you save vacuum cleaning instead of doing it manually is time you can use to do far more interesting things. This is something to keep in mind particularly if you have a busy home with kids or you simply value your time.

2 – Clean Your Home Whilst Your Doing Something Else

Do I Really Need A Vacuum Cleaner? - Photo of robot vacuum - decorative.
Do I Really Need A Vacuum Cleaner?: Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you want to take it a step further and save yourself even more time, you can go for a robot vacuum cleaner that will largely remove the need for you to get involved with the day to day vacuum cleaning. Robot vacuum cleaners can be set to automatically clean your home on a daily schedule at the press of a button or a few clicks on your smart-phone. Alternatively you can go for ones that can be activated via your Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant device.

Having a robot vacuum cleaner means you potentially save even more time than you would with a conventional vacuum cleaner as whilst the robot works away you can be doing something completely unrelated.

3 – It Will Get Rid Of Dust You Can’t See

Another critical reason why you may feel you need a vacuum cleaner is the fact that you are highly unlikely to be able to get rid of all the dust that a vacuum cleaner would be able to pick up with a dust pan and brush. If you’ve ever seen the dust that a vacuum cleaner picks up after just a few minutes you’ll know this to be true.

As an example take a look at the snap below which comes from Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner that had cleaned the carpets a few times in 3 bed house. If you compare the dust build up in a vacuum dust bin and what a typical dust pan and brush can pick up you’ll notice a significant difference.

Do I Really Need A Vacuum Cleaner?: Dust From Carpets

Part of the reason here is that the vacuum cleaner can get deep into carpet fibres for example and suck up a whole lot more than you can with your manual process. The result is that your floors are left much hygienically cleaner than they would be without a vacuum cleaner.

When you’re cleaning you’re more likely to be drawn simply to particles you can see whereas vacuum cleaners will not discriminate; they’ll collect whatever their suction allows them to.

4 – It Will Do A Better Job Than You

As we’ve seen already, it probably goes without saying that a vacuum cleaner will generally do a better job of actually cleaning than you could manually on your own. As well being able to get deeper into carpet fibres to remove dust and dirt your eye cannot see, vacuum cleaners will be able to provide consistency across all your floors.

When you are cleaning by hand there are likely to be some patches you do better than others perhaps because you may lose focus or get distracted. This can result in a floor that looks clean on at first glance but is actually only clean in patches. A vacuum cleaner on the other hand, assuming it’s setup and maintened correctly, will provide the same level of suction across all of your floors meaning each section will be cleaned in the same manner.

5 – It Will Deal With Allergens

Within the dirt and dust build it on your floors particularly on your carpets, there’s likely to be a whole host of particulates that can trigger allergies for those who suffer. This includes pollen, and animal debris (e.g. hairs). Some of these particulates can get deep rooted into carpet fibres and would be very difficult to try and sweep up with a manual dust pan and brush particularly as they can quickly get airbone if not trapped properly.

This is where vacuum cleaners can really show their value as they have the suction to get deep into carpet fibres and displace the allergens. In addition, vacuum cleaners fitted with HEPA (High-Efficiency Particle Arresting) can also help to ensure that the harmful particulates do not re-enter your airspace again. Clearly this is a significant advantage of vacuum cleaners when compared to the conventional dust pan and brush. The right vacuum cleaner will not only help your home to look cleaner but it will actually also help to improve the air quality inside your home.

6 – It Will Probably Encourage You To Clean More Regularly

This next reason for you to answer the question of “do I really need a vacuum cleaner?” in the affirmative is based purely on our own experience of using a cordless stick vacuum cleaner. Having a cordless vacuum cleaner in comparison to cleaning by dust pan and brush means we are far more likely to clean.

This is because the process is so quick and easy but yet so effective. It is very rewarding to see how quickly a room with carpet can look completely refreshed after our stick vacuum has done the rounds. With a dust pan and brush especially on carpets, it can take far longer to clean with less effective results and means we’d be less enthusiastic about the prospect.

Conclusion: Do I Really Need A Vacuum Cleaner?

So, do I really need a vacuum cleaner? Based on the above it would seem to make sense to get a vacuum cleaner as the costs seem to be heavily outweighed by some of the potential benefits available. As the technology advances even further with the advent of robot vacuums and more efficient and even lighter cordless stick vacuums, the answer to the question may become even easier to address.

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