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Best In-Class Robot Vacuum

Roborock S6

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eufy RoboVac 15C MAX

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Roomba i7 +

What are the best robot vacuum cleaners? Let’s take a look at our short-list of the very best models available on the market. After conducting hours and hours of research including looking extensively at user reviews, product test reviews and product specifications, we’ve narrowed the list of the best robot vacuum cleaners to 3:-

  1. Best In-Class Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Roborock S6
  2. Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner: eufy RoboVac 15C MAX
  3. Best Top-End Vacuum Cleaner: iRobot Roomba i7+

We’ve also noted a number of other models that are worth mentioning.

What Are The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners?

Best In-Class Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Roborock S6

Maximum Suction:2000Pa
Height:3.8″ Inches
Battery Life:Up to 3 hours
Dust Bin Capacity:0.48L
Auto-Docking For Charging:Yes
Scheduled Cleans:Yes
What Are The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners?: Roborock S6

The Roborock S6 robot vacuum cleaner is our pick for the best overall robot vacuum cleaner and comes with a heap of features many of which you would only find on far more expensive models. In this respect as strange as it might sound to say for something that retails at nearly £500, it offers real value for money in terms of features.

After combing through tons of research and reviews from both users and specialist product testers, we believe the Roborock S6 offers the best overall combination between smart features, effective performance and value for money.

In terms of main features, the S6 comes with 2000Pa of suction power which is one of the highest levels available on the market. Users generally report a high level of performance across all types of floors (carpet, hard floors and wooden floors). Quite importantly they also report that it gets jobs done in a quick and efficient manner.

Available in black as well as white the Roborock S6 is the successor to the highly popular S5 model.

Combining both a vacuum cleaner and mop, the Roborock S6 is rated as one of the best robot vacuum cleaners around.

One of the most impressive and useful aspects of the Roborock S6 is its mapping system which will memorise the spaces in your home to optimise cleaning patterns. Unlike other similar mapping models and indeed the S5, the Roborock S6 will allow you to create maps of multiple rooms rather than just one.

The unit is equipped with a high precision laser rangefinder that will scan an area at 300rpm to help create a detailed map.

Once an area is mapped the Roborock S6 will then determine the most efficient cleaning route and program to get the job done via its impressive 32-bit quad-core processor. Using a dedicated app, you can check the map as well as the status of cleaning and the location of the Roborock on your phone.

You also have the capability of controlling the S6 via the app which can be quite handy.

As well as control via a smartphone, you can also use voice commands via your home assistant such as Google Assitant.

There are two main modes which can be activated via the Roborock S6 main unit as well as the app of course, are:-

(i) Cleaning – Pressing the cleaning button at the top of the unit will set the S6 in motion and in this mode the robot will clean in the most efficient manner based on the generated map of the area. It will start by cleaning the edges of a zone before using a z-shaped pattern to clean the rest.

(ii) Spot Cleaning – With this setting the unit will clean a 1.5m (16.4ft) squared area centred around it and then return to base when it’s done.

The app also offers a range of cleaning features to get the full use of the S6:-

  • Room Cleaning – In this setting the S6 will clean specific rooms based on the maps in its system. This could be quite a handy feature for example if you wanted to send to clean your bedrooms upstairs whilst you were tidying up downstairs.
  • Scheduled Cleaning – With this feature you can set the unit to automatically clean at a pre-determined time. Once complete the unit will return to its charging base which is quite useful if you schedule it whilst you are doing something else.
  • Zoned Cleaning – With this excellent feature, you have the option to draw a specific zone and then set the S6 it.
  • Targeted cleaning – You also have the option to set a particular targeted area by selecting points on a map and then get the unit to clean it.

The Roborock S6 is equipped with 4 different suction levels (i) Quiet, (2) Balanced, (3) Turbo and (4) MAX. By default the unit will use the Balanced mode to get its job done. A great feature with the suction levels is the fact it can be set to automatically detect when it is on a carpeted surface so it can increase the suction level.

The battery span is an impressive 3 hours with consumption aided by the mapping system. One feature we particularly like about the Roborock S6’s battery system, is that the unit will automatically return to its charging base once a job is done. By accounts the battery will provide up to 3 hours on the Quiet mode whilst around 2 hours can be expected on the Balanced level.

In addition, if the battery starts to run low mid-cycle, it will return to its base charge up to a certain point and then go on to complete the job prior to heading home again to its charging base.

The charging dock itself is well design with a protective cover at the back which will allow you to store the cable out of site meaning less chance of it being tangled up during cleaning and generally being disturbed.

The Roborock S6 is equipped with a range of 14 sensors which allow it to avoid obstacles whilst in operation as well as prevent from dropping off edges (e.g. stairs). Indeed this is a feature that is noted in user reviews for how effective the S6 is in avoiding items along its route.

The S6 comes with a 0.48L capacity dust bin which is recommended you empty out weekly.

General maintenance is fairly straightforward with a filter that can be washed out regularly with cold water. The brush head is also fairly easy to clean according to users especially as it has removable bush heads on either side.

An area that has pleased many users with regard to the S6 is that being a smart device it has the ability to be improved in terms of its operations via software updates. As more features are added and existing ones tweaked users have the potential to see on-going improvements.

A feature of the Roborock S6 that seems to please many users is the relative quiet nature of the unit compared to other models. Many users note that they are able to watch tv without having to turn up the volume excessively whilst the S6 is in operation. Indeed according to many the S6 is much quiter than its S5 predecessor.

At roughly 3.8inches (96.5mm) height the Roborock S6 is taller than some models available on the market and mean it may not always get under the lowest of places in your home. This is something to bear in mind depending on where you need it to clean.

In terms of user reviews, the Roborock S6 generally gets a highly positive reception with users noting how well it performs in addition to its excellent mapping features.

One of the main drawbacks that many users seem to note is the fact that the app could be better in some areas particularly in how it draws out maps and saves them. Though you would not be surprised if this is something that will be tweaked and improved as the company gets more user feedback. Nonetheless it is something to keep in mind with some users reporting that the app is not as good as that offered by some others such as the Roomba.

In addition though users state that the mop function is useful they do note that it is relatively limited in terms of its effectiveness.

Overall, the Roborock S6 packs a real punch in the robot vacuum cleaner battles. It is not the most high-end model available on the market however, it is difficult to find a model that combines the types of features it does at the price point offered. As with any product there are some drawbacks most notably some limitations around the app however, overall the Roborock S6 offers excellent value for money and great features.

Best Budget Robot Vacuum Cleaner: eufy RoboVac 15C MAX

Maximum Suction:2000Pa
Height:2.85″ Inches
Battery Life:Up to 100minutes on standard; 40 minutes on Max power
Dust Bin Capacity:0.6L
Auto-Docking For Charging:Yes
Scheduled Cleans:Yes
What Are The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners?: eufy RoboVac 15C Max

If there’s one thing eufy know how to do better than most its making a great robot vacuum cleaner at an even better price considering the market. The eufy RoboVac 15C Max fits that bill perfectly as you get a highly user rated robot vacuum cleaner that provides excellent suction, smart features and a sleek looking design all for a price that compares to a typical cordless vacuum rather than a futuristic robot vacuum cleaner. Although this may be considered a budget vacuum cleaner given it’s price range, the features and user reviews are so impressive we feel it offers the best overall package in terms of the best robot vacuum cleaners.

The eufy RoboVac 15C Max is packed full of great features. First of all at the business end of things it is equipped with 2000Pa of suction power, a real upgrade from the RoboVac 30C which offers 1500Pa. As well as looking impressive on paper, this suction power does a great job of cleaning floors as testified to by countless user reviews who note how pleased they’ve been with its performance.

The suction inlet is then complemented by side brushes and a roller brush in an impressive 3 point cleaning system.

As if great cleaning performance wasn’t impressive enough for the price, the eufy RoboVac 15C Max also comes with smart device pairing for voice activation via Alexa or Google Assistant. This brilliant feature allows you to simply ask for it to clean and it does the rest.

The RoboVac 15C Max also has a small battery powered remote control which allows you to run it all its functions at the push of a button.

It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity making the setup quick and convenient. The RoboVac 15C Max can be controlled via its own app which allows you to control it manually as well as setting automatic cleaning runs.

To help you make the most out of your new smart device, the RoboVac 15C Max has scheduling capability which allows you to set when you want your home cleaned and for how long. This can be set between Saturday and Sunday via the EufyHome app.

To keep your cleaning needs in check, the eufy RoboVac 15C Max can last up to an impressive 100 minutes on hardwood floors in its standard suction mode. This should be enough time for most homes. Whilst on carpet it can go for up to 60 minutes on standard whilst it will get around 40 minutes on medium pile carpets when set to its maximum suction.

The battery can be charged on its base between 5 to 6 hours.

With a 0.6L dust bin compartment, the eufy RoboVac 15C Max is well equipped to tackle the dust in most homes. Indeed the 0.6L capacity compares well to cordless stick vacuums for example such as the Dyson V range of which some have 0.54L capacity.

To help you get the best of its features, the RoboVac 15C is equipped with 4 different automatic cleaning modes:

  • Auto Cleaning – In this setting which eufy state is the most common one used, the RoboVac will automatically select the best cleaning mode and path until cleaning is complete.
  • Spot Cleaning – With this setting the vacuum cleaning will clean a particular area in a concentric pattern for two minutes getting bigger as it goes around. This is particularly useful if something’s been accidently tipped to the floor.
  • Edge Cleaning – With edge cleaning the unit will reduce its speed when it detects a wall and follow it all the way along until it is done. It will run this pattern for 20 minutes before returning to its charging base.
  • Quick Cleaning – In this setting the RoboVac will clean a particular room for 30 minutes before to its charging base. This is recommended for smaller rooms as it helps to conserve battery power.

As well as the above mentioned automatic modes, the RoboVac can also be directed manually using the buttons on the remote control.

The RoboVac 15C Max has 3 different suction power levels to help you get the most out of its suction capabilities and battery life:

  • Standard
  • Boost IQ – this will automatically detect the level of suction needed depending on the type of floor it is on. So if additional suction power is needed for a given surface it will increase its suction to match the conditions. This is ideal for thicker carpets as well as messy clean ups. Note it does reduce the battery span and will mean the unit is noisier. This feature works in the Auto and Quick cleaning modes but can be disabled if you’re not a fan of noise.
  • Maximum Power

To help ensure there are no unwanted drops down the stairs, the RoboVac 15C Max is equipped with sensors which let it know when it’s at a ledge thus avoiding a tumble. Indeed users of the unit note how well this function works in ensuring that it does not fall of edges.

For ease of maintenance, the filters fitted to the RoboVac 15C Max can be cleaned regularly with a simple brush.

When it comes to looks the RoboVac 15X Max does not disappoint. Its scratch resistant upper shell gives it a real sleek and futuristic look. The overall design appears pleasing to the eye yet robust, as you would expect from the same people who brought us ANKER speakers which are simply amazing.

As noted previously user reviews on the RoboVac 15C Max are highly positive with many noting how impressed they are with the overall build, quality, performance and value for money.

At 2.85inches height the RoboVac 15C Max will allow it to get under places that a lot of other robot vacuum cleaners would struggle with.

In terms of the main drawbacks there are a few that you should be aware of. Firstly this particular robot vacuum does not come with home mapping capability. This feature would allow it to map your home and do a better job of cleaning as well as maintaining the battery power. Many users state that it can sometimes look like it is going in random patterns but still note how well it cleans overall.

Another area noted by some users is the fact the unit does not automatically restart if it has to go in for charging mid-cycle. You will need to reset it manually if this happens.

A consistent point raised by some users is that the RoboVac 15C Max tends to bump into furniture. As it relies on sensors to navigate rather than mapping this should not come as too much of a surprise and means you’ll need to leave rooms relatively clear.

In addition many users recommend not to leave stray cables in it’s path as these get caught in brushes. It should be noted that this is generally the recommendation with robot vacuums.

Note the RoboVac 15C Max is specifically designed for low to medium pile carpets, tile, laminated and hardwood floors. It is not suitable for high pile carpets so be sure to keep this in mind when searching. It’s large wheels also mean it will move between different floor types with relative ease.

Overall the RoboVac 15C Max offers a fantastic high grade entry point into robot vacuums. Given the price, the impressive suction power, sleek design and reputable manufacturer, the RoboVac 15C Max offers great value for money. Potential buyers need to keep in mind the fact it does not come with mapping software and has a tendency to bump into furniture however, overall users seem highly impressed with what it has to offer. If your budget is restricted to this end of the market the the RoboVac 15C Max looks like the best available.

Best Top-End Robot Vacuum Cleaner: iRobot Roomba i7 +

Self-Emptying Dustbin: Yes
Height:3.6″ Inches
Battery Life:Up to 90 minutes
Dust Bin Capacity:0.4L
Auto-Docking For Charging:Yes
Scheduled Cleans:Yes

Based on our extensive research the common consensus is that the iRobot i7+ is the very best and most advanced robot vacuum cleaner on the market today. As well as a host of features you would expect at the very high end of the market, this is also due to the fact it has an automatic waste dispoal system which means your robot will have its dust bin emptied out into a larger disposal unit after every clean. This effectively means you can set it and forget it for a few months at a time if you so wish.

Lets take a deeper look at the iRobot Roomba i7+ starting with its standout feature. The Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal system can store up to 30 robot dust bins worth of debris from regular cleans. Once the robot is docked onto the station a suction system works to pull the debris into the main disposal bin after each clean.

This feature has meant the iRobot Roomba i7+ is unparalleled in terms of convenience and the hands off nature of its operation. One common complaint from users of robot vacuums generally is the frustration of having to empty out the dust bin after every clean. With the iRobot Roomba i7+ you do not have this issue as the storage capacity of the disposal system means you won’t have to think about changing out the storage bags for far longer than you normally would have to think about emptying out the regular bin. Indeed users report that this system works well in terms of emptying out the robot.

Another area where the iRobot Roomba i7+ really stands out from the crowd is its mapping technology. With the help of its 1.3GHz quad core processor the i7+ records over 230,000 data points per second to create details maps of your home meaning it can perform its job more effectively and methodically. The mapping capability is something that users have noted for its effectiveness. You can also quite helpfully label specific rooms on the map making it easier to manage the cleaning schedule. Labelling seems like an obvious feature but is not always commonly available in robot vacuums with mapping capability.

Allied to its highly sophisticated mapping system is the ability to pick a room (or every room) and a schedule for the i7+ to clean. You can also select which rooms to clean on which particular days and times once the smart mapping system is fully up and running.

The battery life from the i7+ is an impressive 90 minutes with the unit automatically returning to its dock when it needs to re-charge.

When it comes to cleaning performance and suction power, the iRobot Roomba i7+ is equipped with features to get the job done as effectively as possible. The main brush function comes with two different brush types to help you get effective cleaning and close contact with carpets as well as hard floors.

In addition, the i7+ also comes equipped with an edge cleaning brush which allows it to get access to edges and corners.

Some users note in particular how well the Roomba i7+ does with cleaning pet hairs and keeping those in check.

Alongside the main unit you also get a lighthouse device which will quite helpfully let you place virtual barriers around your floors for the robot to avoid as it goes about its job.

To ensure your new machine has no unwanted trips down the stairs, it is equipped with special sensors to help it avoid falls of that nature. Once it becomes aware of a hazard it will avoid it and when it comes across a new edge, it will back away.

Many users report that one of the best things about the i7+ and Roombas in general is the excellent app that is used to operate and control the robot. With easy and straightforward setup as well as a user-friendly interface, the app helps to get the most out of the i7+. It has a range of features including scheduling of cleans, viewing cleaning history as well as tracking of the unit.

Another standout feature, of which as you’ll be noticing by now that there are many, is the ability to control the Roomba i7+ remotely outside of your wifi network. Whereas robot vacuums with app control typically only allow you to control the unit whilst you are on the same wifi network, the i7+ can be accessed via the app even when you are connected using mobile data. This is a great feature which means should you forget to set a cleaning schedule you can always handle this whilst you are out.

To help you make the most of its convenience, the Roomba i7+ will let you connect to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for voice activated control.

As with any appliance, even the high-end versions, the i7+ has areas which some users feel could be better. One such item is that some users are of the view that although it does well to get into corners, it doesn’t always clean them as well as might be expected.

Some users also note that the bin disposal emptying process can be as about as loud as a regular vacuum cleaner so that is worth keeping in mind though hardly seems like a deal-breaker. Nonetheless, this may be something to keep in mind when you are thinking about when to schedule cleans especially if you have light-sleepers in your home.

Something to also keep in mind is the space you’ll need for the disposal system and charging base. Due to the height and footprint, you’ll need more space than you would typically need for a regular charging station.

Perhaps the other notable drawback of the i7+ is simply how expensive it is. This of course, is purely a matter of personal choice as well as what the robot will mean for you and your home. Nonetheless when compared to other models, it is an expensive option though it must be said it also offers something that no other model that we are aware of can.

Overall the iRobot Roomba i7+ is a highly impressive offering that delivers excellent cleaning performance across a range of floor types and quite crucially provides a truly hands off and automated cleaning solution for your home. Though like any product it has some drawbacks as well as being quite expensive, all in all it offers unparalleled cleaning convenience and excellent features. If your budget allows it, the iRobot Roomba i7+ is defintely a model to seriously consider.

What Are The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners?: Best Of The Rest

The following robot vacuum cleaners are also worth considering and only just missed out on our top 3.

Roborock S5

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Offering many of the same features as the Roborock S6, the earlier Roborock S5 gives you a lot of the same benefits but at a lower price. This is a very close contender for the best overall robot vacuum.

iRobot Roomba 671

Another fantastic offering from the Roomba range, the iRobot Roomba 671 is a great contender for best budget robot vacuum from a brand who have a rich history in this space.

Eufy RoboVac 30C

The Eufy range of robot vacuums provide plenty of options for highly user rated quality robot vacuum cleaners and the RoboVac 30C is another great example of this.

Take a look at our vacuum cleaner buying guide if you’re stuck on how to go about selecting a vacuum.

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