Why Do Builders Like Henry Hoovers?

Henry vacuum cleaners are pretty common place in the UK, which is no surprise when you consider their manufacturer states they have made more than 10 million units with many still in operation. One question we’ve seen asked is why do builders like Henry hoovers? We’re not builders but we do have a Henry HVR160-11vacuum cleaner that we love so found this quite an interesting question to address.

The fact that Henry hoovers are seemingly trusted by builders and many other trades no doubt demonstrates how well they perform. Below we take a look at why we believe Henry vaccum cleaners may be liked by builders:-

  • #1 – They’re Robust
  • #2 – Great Suction
  • #3 – Huge Capacity
  • #4 – Long Cable Cord and Cleaning Reach
  • #5 – They’re Not Picky With What They Pick Up
  • #6 – Great Value For Money

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Why Do Builders Like Henry Hoovers?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why builders might like Henry hoovers, based on our experience of the Henry HVR160-11.

Why Do Builders Like Henry Hoovers? - Photo for first advantage

#1 – They’re Robust

One of the things that we love about the Henry HVR160-11 is that they look and feel very robust. By this we mean they look like they are built to a high standard with no signs of any weak areas in the design. The main body looks solid and the hose also feels robust. These are features most users look for but you could see how they could be particularly appealing to builders.

#2 – Great Suction

The Henry HVR160-11 has fantastic suction and this may be one of the reasons why builders like Henry hoovers. The suction remains strong and consistent even as the bag fills up meaning you don’t have to worry about replacing a bag before it’s actually full to maintain performance. The suction peformance may appeal to trades like builders because they’re likely to have serious debris and dust to pick up at the end of their jobs.

#3 – Huge Capacity

A lot of corded bagged vacuum cleaners we see tend to have dust bin capacity of around 4 litres which is impressive enough and should suit most needs. The Henry HVR160-11 however, has a whopping 6 litres of dust capacity.

We’ve found this to be one of the very best features of the Henry as it means we don’t have to worry about getting new bags very often. You could easily see why this would be favoured by builders as it allows them to focus on the important stuff rather than maintaining their vacuum cleaner.

#4 – Long Cable and Cleaning Reach

If you’re working on a building site, power may not necessarily always be easily available in convenient places. This is why you could imagine that the 10 metre cable run offered by the Henry HVR160-11 could look so attractive to builders. It would mean that builders have a lot of cleaning flexibility from just one or a few power points to clean their site.

As well as the long cable, the Henry HVR160-11 also has a total reach of 26.1 metres including the hose. This would give builders a great range of cleaning from wherever they were plugged in. It’s certainly one of the reasons why we’re such big fans of the Henry HVR160-11 and could see this being a big factor in builders, cleaners and other trades favouring Henry hoovers.

#5 – They’re Not Picky With What They Pick Up

One of the best things about the Henry HVR160-11 is that it’s just not picky about what it can gobble up. The brushhead and hose are able to take some awkward items (e.g. large bits of paper, socks etc) that it comes across without causing obstruction.

Clearly before you hoover, it’s always better to pick large items by hand to avoid jamming your vaccum cleaner but you could see how this feature could be useful if you’re a builder and have to clear up after a job.

#6 – Excellent Value For Money

Considering all the excellent features as well as a product with such a well renowned track-record, we believe Henry hoovers, specifically the HVR160-11 offers great value for money. For the price you pay, you get excellent performance, a robust piece of kit, great range of cleaning and perhaps most importantly a vacuum cleaner you already know has been tried and tested by millions of others. You could see why this would be appealing to builders – no business wants to spend money unnecessarily on items that don’t add value.

Conclusion: Why Do Builders Like Henry Hoovers?

So, why do builders like Henry hoovers? When you put yourself in the shoes of a builder and consider why they might be fans of Henry hoovers it’s clear there are many potential reasons. The Henry HVR160-11 offers some great benefits at a price that feels quite good given what you get.

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